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With over 22 years of experience, we provide dedicated services to both Hospitals and Private Practices.


Enhancement of health information services from credentialed professionals

Temporary HIM Director/Manager

Provide on-site temporary services for HIM Director/Manager positions.

Coding Services

Quality coding to assist your hospital or facility. Stay on top of medical coding needs and clean-up backlogs in order to enhance the revenue cycle.

CDI Support

Clinical documentation experts to evaluate whether or not the services a patient receives is medically necessary

Staff Education

Provide job-specific education to stay current regarding the constantly changing aspects of the HIM department

Auditing Services

Quality coding audits to ensure your facility is coding accurately, as well as help your team implement corrective action plans

Policy & Procedure

Manual updating and review Policy and Procedures

Storage Facility Management

We have managed warehouses that were once in total disarray. We will assess the contents, identify what can go, and organize the rest. and/or offer options to make it “disappear” yet remain accessible to allow you to close or use the warehouse for more pressing purposes.

HIPAA Privacy Compliance

Address regulatory concerns through updated policies and procedures and promote awareness of your HIPAA responsibilities to staff.

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